Ninna Marni

A warm welcome is extended to you, your child and your family.

Kalaya is an Aboriginal focus Children’s Centre which provides: preschool (kindergarten), long day care, community development programs, and speech pathology support.

Our Children’s Centre is one of forty two across South Australia, including four Children and Family Centres.

Kalaya was opened in 1975 and moved to our current site in Queenstown in 1992. The values and history of the centre remain an integral part of our approach today.

Kalaya provides a culturally responsive and quality play-based curriculum that is inclusive of all family backgrounds. Our staff team works together with families and the community to provide the best possible learning, health and wellbeing outcomes for children.

We have a superb layout with spacious outdoor areas with many native trees and plants, large lawn, bike paths to ride around, a rocky waterfall leading into the sandpit, a vegetable garden, play platforms and a Wiltja.

We trust that your time at Kalaya Children’s Centre will be enjoyable and invite you to become fully involved in our activities.

Support and useful links

Programs and services offered by Kalaya Children’s Centre include:

  • Long Day Care
  • Preschool
  • School Transition
  • Health and wellbeing programs and information
  • Family support programs and services
  • Community development activities and events